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The Most Adjustable Foregrip & Shooting Tripod / Monopod Combo


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The TACTICAL EDGE includes your choice of 360° VFG in Standard or Stubby Length and Quick Detach Tripod.

The 360° VFG (Vertical Fore Grip) is a brand new evolutionary product which gives the shooter the ability to adjust their vertical fore grips 360 degrees at any angle with a simple locking handle. It is capable of mounting on bottom or side rails – giving the shooter more versatility and ergonomic positioning for optimum user comfort and control.

Mid-Evil Industries has designed and engineered the necessary components to create a tactical shooting system and have integrated the QD Tripod into our line of modular Quick Detach accessories.  It is compatible with and exclusive to our 2nd Gen 360° VFG (Vertical Fore Grip). When combined with the 360° VFG, adjustment possibilities are almost infinite. Smooth 360 degree rotation and a full tilt function allows you to acquire targets quickly for an accurate shot every time.

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The QD Tripod has a single hand operated lock & unlock mechanism. There’s no button, no twisting – just a simple slide down to release & slide up to lock. It can be set to 3 different heights. Just push, click & lock – easy to use. It is constructed of aluminum and has extreme temperature resistance, is sturdy, long lasting and lightweight with a high quality finish.

Each QD Tripod includes our modular Tripod Adapter which will allow you to directly attach to your 360° VFG.

All Mid-Evil parts and accessories are designed and manufactured in the USA.


  • Standard Length 3 7/8 inches long
  • Stubby Length 3 ½ inches long


  • For use with sporting rifles and shotguns
  • Available for 1913 Picatinny and M-Lok Rail Systems
  • Ergonomic “On the Fly” Adjustability
  • 7075 T-6 & 6061-T6 aluminum components
  • Black hard anodized finish
  • Optimal grip texture
  • Storage compartment in handle
  • Also available in Flat Dark Earth and Sniper Gray
  • Custom Cerakote available upon request for an additional charge
  • U.S. PATENT NO. 9,573,268


  • Modular Direct Connect
  • Tripod Extension (optional)


  • Lightweight, durable aluminum construction
  • Single hand operation patented quick release system
  • Can be utilized as a bipod or tripod
  • Lock & friction adjustment at base
  • Adjustable to 3 different heights
  • Suitable for all locations & weather conditions
  • Final machining & assembly in USA



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  1. Jason

    I purchased this setup for my wife and she absolutely loves it! She loves how stable it makes her rifle and no more stacking shooting bags!! Set up is super easy as well as takedown.

  2. Montel (verified owner)

    I’ve waited to obtain this Tripod system for some hopefully relatable reasons. Price, functionality, and ease of use. With ‘niche’ products it’s hard to find credible information with how oversaturated the market is in general. There’s other tripod systems with heavy marketing such as Vortex’s tripod setup. In my search I of course found a guy fumbling this thing around on youtube, questioning if they were an actual human being. The official product demonstration (a showcase booth video) shows this entire line as if it was powered by hydraulics.

    Ease of use is our first working point here. This isn’t a clamp on and let your kids have at it gear setup, and I don’t think it has to be or is the point. I’m not a savant and won’t claim to be as I know the user is going to have to ‘train’ to get the most out of this tripod. Yes, it’s somewhat funny as a tripod is a seemingly simple concept, here marketed as such. It’s simple when you get your hands on it and fiddle around to figure out how things interlock and adjust. I started with the grip getting used to the initial rotational system. You replace the cap on the grip and screw in the QD male socket into the bottom which is a pull-down release system. The grip is the first adjustment point, the ball on the tripod itself and its legs are the second.

    I didn’t embarrass myself on youtube to accomplish this. I also mentioned Vortex before as we segment into functionality. Their carbon fiber setup didn’t support my AR10, was limited in use, was still a big tripod, and got returned. However Mid-evil did it you don’t have ‘drift’ from the rifle weight on the adjustment points unless you adjust to do so. You can either pick up the combined system or QD it. The weight versus support is a truthful statement with no need to sling an entire tripod or crank down on a clamp. The tripod itself folds itself for stowage reducing size and while awkward can be carried on a rifle, folded or unfolded, for a surprisingly light movement. The coating is good and the beveling is aggressive which is apparently a negative if you’re a useless youtube reviewer.

    We have a tripod and grip of ‘professional’ quality that takes some getting used to. We have it at a price that’s highly competitive in our favor. You can add to this system with more parts to extend it or take it down to just a grip in QD fashion while not taking nearly as much space. It’s not a run of the mill setup which is why I believe there wasn’t a whole lot of info to be found. If you want something that’s very adjustable while retaining durability the combo deal is worth it. I looked past the guy using this thing as a flail beating down his showcase table, it’s not the intended use but can be considered an additional feature.

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