Features & Benefits


  • Adjusts & locks on the fly
  • Increased control & accuracy
  • Ergonomic


  • Your flashlight right at your fingertips
  • Tactical advantage
  • Enhanced safety


  • Quick deployment
  • Superior stability
  • Compact

Mid-Evil’s New Overwatch Commander System


The 360° VFG was brought to life by the designer and inventor of the Mag Magnet and TX3. Always Made in the USA, 360° VFG allows you to set the fore grip in your ideal position for comfort. Whether you are hunting, shooting for sport, or challenging yourself in precision tactical shooting competitions, this unique adjustable fore grip will become a natural extension for your rifle.

OUR 360° VFG

Our 360° VFG is revolutionary and unrivaled – this is not just another vertical fore grip. It is the beginning of the next evolution in vertical fore grips. We are continuing to work on designing other versions of the 360° VFG with new features and expanding our high-end accessories line for all firearms.

Incredibly robust construction for even the demands of extremely heavy-duty military applications