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Rail Vise Platform


The RAIL VISE is a complete system for holding a picatinny rail equipped firearm in a secure manner during cleaning and light maintenance operations. The RAIL VISE clamps onto the firearm’s rail system providing that third hand that is required for holding firearms in a secure manner during cleaning of the AR weapons platform and provides total access to the breech for thorough cleaning of the chamber, locking lugs and bolt interface.

The RAIL VISE kit includes: Main Body, Mag Well Adapter, Barrel Support, Adapter Rail and Platform.




  • For use while cleaning or performing maintenance
  • Lower receiver can be held for cleaning or maintenance with Mag Well Adapter
  • Optics or other rail mountable devices can be held securely with Adapter Rail
  • Components are made from a thermoplastic polymer that is resistant to many chemical solvents, bases and acids. Metallic parts are nickel plated. Platform is 6061-T6 aluminum with a black hard anodized finish. This combination of materials will provide you with many years of service.
  • Platform is 29 inches long with two integral T slots for mounting the Rail Vise components. This allows for infinite adjustability for use with short barreled entry guns to rifles with 24 inch barrels. Each platform includes polymer end caps, rubber feet and Rail Vise mounting hardware.


  • Before using the Rail Vise, always ensure that your firearm is unloaded. If you are not sure how to determine if the firearm is unloaded, consult the instructions supplied by the manufacturer of the firearm.
  • Always follow the manufacturers instructions supplied with your firearm as it relates to the cleaning and maintenance of your particular firearm.
  • The Rail Vise is not intended for holding the upper receiver of an AR type firearm during the tightening or loosening of the barrel nut securing the barrel to the upper receiver.
  • The Rail Vise is not intended to be used in any application that requires high torque to be applied to any firearm while the firearm is held in the Rail Vise.
  • Mid-Evil Industries is not responsible for any damage caused by improper use of this device.
  • Mid-Evil Industries is not responsible for any damage caused to firearms or optics resulting from the use of this device.


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