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Ballistic Phone Mount


The Ballistic Phone Mount attaches to your cell phone with the SP Connect Universal Interface (included) and mounts to your picatinny rail system. The Mid-Evil Ballistic Phone Mount will hold your phone in a very stable position as you shoot. It is designed for shooters that use ballistic apps and shooters that like to video themselves or downrange while they shoot. It was designed in collaboration with SP Connect to ensure stability and endurance.

The SP Connect is the quickest and most secure way to mount your smartphone. It offers the best range of products for your phone, providing easy mounting applications and is guaranteed to hold up to the most rugged shooter.

At this time, the Ballistic Phone Mount is not compatible with the Kestrel system, but we are working on it!



  • For use with picatinny rail system
  • 6061-T6 aluminum and hard polymer components
  • Black hard anodized finish


The adhesive UNIVERSAL INTERFACE attaches directly on to a phone case of your choice. It can also be used on other devices such as speakers, powerbanks, etc. You are able to use any SP Connect™ mount to securely attach your device with its patented twist to lock mechanism.

  • 3M™ adhesive
  • Secure and low-profile interface
  • Size: 66 x 55 mm (2.6 x 2.17 inches)

The 3M adhesive used on the Universal Interface will adhere to many non-porous flat surfaces such as plastic, glass, metal and painted surfaces. We have also achieved good results sticking it to silicone cases. You will need a surface of at least 2.16 x 2.56 inches (55 x 65mm) for the interface to be placed on. Make sure to clean the surface with an alcohol wipe before use. Stick on the interface to the surface by placing it on the surface and pressing down firmly for at least 30 seconds. The adhesive mount cannot be re-used, so make sure to position the adapter carefully.

Please Note: Wireless Charging can be affected when using the Universal Interface.


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