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Original O.S.T. 2.0


The Original Operator Survival Tool 2.0 was designed to be the size of two CR123 batteries so it could be stored in forward grips, pistol grips and butt-stocks commonly found on the AR15. Inside is a carbon scraping tool designed to remove carbon for all of the critical places it builds up. The steel scraper tool has flint to produce fire and a ceramic sharpening rod has been added. The orange housing doubles as a handle for the two rods.



The O.S.T. 2.0 has an AR15 carbon bolt scraper made from precision ground D2 steel and laser cut to exact tolerances. It scrapes carbon for around the back of the bolt, locking lugs, firing pin and inside the BCG. It can function as a bottle opener, screwdriver bit slot and mini pry tool. It also has a flint rod that the housing grabs on to and becomes a handle for it and allows the D2 steel scraper to shower sparks. Lastly, it has a medium grit ceramic sharpening rod that can also be held by the housing creating a handle. With the O.S.T. you can clean carbon buildup from your gun, start a survival fire and sharpen your knives. All this fits into the size of two CR123 batteries for easy storage in common compartments.


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