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Convertible Dual/Single Point Sling


Our slings are constructed with ROK straps elliptical shock cord which is patented worldwide. ROK Straps are the strongest, most versatile bungee type straps available. The shock cord is made of natural latex rubber. These solid-core, elliptical straps won’t roll or rot. The polyester coating provides UV protection. It is decorative only and does not affect performance. These features make ROK Straps the longest lasting and toughest bungees you can buy. The sling fits flat against the shooters body and will not snag. It will not bounce the weapon around while walking or running.

Made to fit, made to stay put. The triangular ring gives the sling a natural spread for ease of putting on. The tri-ring keeps the sling on the shooters side or back when not in use.

Rather than go mil-spec, we went for comfort. The sling uses .075 inch American made nylon webbing, which is smooth and soft. ITW Nexus hardware is used for the tri slides.

Our QD Oval Swivel Loops feature extremely tight machining tolerances and pull testing to over 300 pounds of pressure. The heavy-duty angled swivels utilize a non-glare manganese phosphate finish to eliminate reflection.
Allows use of MASH or HK style CLASH hooks in push button base.


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  • Fits all standard quick-detach sling attachments including the TX3-QD
  • Made of stainless steel


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