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The Most Adjustable Foregrip & Shooting Tripod / Monopod Combo

Overwatch Stabilizing Strap


With the Overwatch Commander being a relatively new concept in precision shooting situations, we discovered the need to stabilize it while being deployed. Our Stabilizing Sling is the solution to turning the adjustable monopod/tripod system into a solid tripod configuration by combining the shooter’s hips and legs into a very solid platform. By incorporating the individual’s strength and balance we found a way to increase steadiness while still allowing the maneuverability that makes the Overwatch Commander so versatile.

Our Overwatch Stability Strap is constructed with ROK straps elliptical shock cord which is patented worldwide. ROK Straps are the strongest, most versatile bungee type straps available. The shock cord is made of natural latex rubber. These solid-core, elliptical straps won’t roll or rot. The polyester coating provides UV protection. It is decorative only and does not affect performance. These features make ROK Straps the longest lasting and toughest bungees you can buy.

The strap uses .075 inch American made nylon webbing, which is smooth and soft. ITW Nexus hardware is used for the tri slides.



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