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The Story of Mid-Evil

The medieval period of history was violent. Brutal invasions, warring religious factions, the need to protect strong home bases; Lords, Nobles, Knights & Crusaders were all looking for ways to win in battle. Advances in metallurgy lead to a rapid evolution in the weapons of combat. And a race to equip the warriors of the day with better weaponry to defend, protect and conquer was born.

But what began in medieval times is alive and well today in the culture of Mid-Evil Industries. Lead by an innovator with the heart of a medieval warrior, Steve Azhocar, Mid-Evil Industries looks for that next great advance in the weapons we use. Inspired by a desire to innovate, Steve Azhocar looks at what exists in our modern day weapons and says, "we can do better".

Mid-Evil is not about battle play. Mid-Evil is about making you a better warrior. Better equipped to battle evil. We will arm you with the most advanced tools of our time. You will be prepared to conquer that next castle or defeat the threats that rise against you.

We re-design the essential tools which give you a tactical advantage. New ways of thinking about parts of the weapon that haven’t been challenged or evolved in decades. Accessories that improve comfort, utility or tactical accuracy. These are all squarely in the sights of the Mid-Evil roundtable.

The Mid-Evil story which began with simple but incredibly effective weapons like the longbow and the battle axe, now lives on in the revolutionary 360° VFG (Vertical Fore Grip). When restricted by useless laws and policies, we invent tools like the original Mag Magnet which give the foot soldier a fighting chance. Knowing how exhausting daily battle can become, and how important daily weapon take down is, we invented the TX3 to ease the load and improve the utility of your weapon.

The story of Mid-Evil Industries, inspired by the advances of the Middle Ages, thrives today in the culture and dedication of the warriors who deploy Mid-Evil Industries products on their weapons. You are those warriors. You sit at our roundtable. Together, we will continue to advance our common cause to be better equipped to defend our land and honor the legacy of the warriors who battled before us!

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